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Unity is Strength

Waribo Cingwa

Reducing Women's Disproportionate Burden of Labor

Issue:Women shoulder the overwhelming burden of labor in the home. Cultural beliefs keep couples from sharing household responsibilities and many men expect women to do everything, including take care of the children, gather and prepare food and water, do the laundry, and keep the house in order. Lack of birth control options often overburdens women with too many children and sometimes men in this community grow overwhelmed and leave or become alcoholics, which only compounds the problem.

Mission: To reduce problems that lead to the overloads of women in the community

Solution: We will hold dramas and debates about the dangers of alcoholism as well as the cultural beliefs that keep men from helping out at home. We intend to hold weekly community meetings to educate women about birth control options and encourage couples to use them.

12-Month Goals:

  • at least 30 men will share household responsibilities with their wives
  • 75% reduction in domestic violence
  • 30 children forced to live on the streets due to problems at home will be reunited with their parents and return to school

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