"Literacy is the key to understanding the world around you."

— Emmanuel Semana

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Invincible Vision 20/20

Teaching Women Reading, Writing & Financial Literacy

In the Byimana Sector of rural Kigali, 62.4% of the female population is illiterate, and lack adequate reading and writing skills to inform their knowledge of laws that protect them and their families. Without these skills, these women are essentially excluded from development and are unable to participate fully in society.

Invincible Vision 20/20 provides training for illiterate women in reading, writing and basic math skills so that they feel empowered to become active participants in society and take charge of their own development.

Invincible Vision began its venture in 2008. In its first four years of operations Invincible Vision 20/20 was able to enroll a total of 1,486 women, with another 77 in the 2013 class. In Spring 2009, the project began offering training on women's rights and laws that protect the family. The team has also been teaching various consciousness practices they learned at Global Grassroots' Academy for Conscious Change. The program has expanded its course offerings to provide three different training programs based on skill levels. Many men have also asked to attend.

The team uses examinations and surveys to measure its progress in teaching women to read, write, open bank accounts, perform financial tasks on their own, participate in local government and develop the courage to approach local authorities and police to report violations of the rights of other women. With literacy and basic mathematical instruction, the team believes these women will be better equipped to bring change for the future generations of Byimana.

Part of the training participants in the Academy for Conscious Change receive is in Creative Resourcing. There are many principles of Creative Resourcing, one being leveraging waste. Inspired by that notion, Invincible Vision 20/20 encourages local school children to collect firewood, stones and broken pieces of brick from the side the road while on their way to school. After about one to two weeks, the team collects enough to sell a truckload to construction companies, earning the funds necessary to pay teacher salaries. The team is also raising pigs and rabbits in partnership with the women and selling the offspring to cover other operating expenses.

Project Details

Invincible Vision 20/20

Grant Amount: $2800
Team Size: 8 Men & Women
Social Impact: 1563 Women and Their Families

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