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Women for Leadership

Peke Rwede Pede

Emboldening Women and Girls to Run for Office

Issue: Social stigma and repression prevents many women from feeling capable for running for office or even speaking up at community meetings. Further, some men in the community become threatened when their wives want to run for office and may threaten them with violence. Many girls in their community are not given the same opportunities for education as boys and so they grow into women who lack confidence and are seen by the community as being uneducated and incapable of leadership. However, without women's contributions to development, the entire community suffers and new opportunities for growth are missed.

Mission: To increase women's participation in leadership in the community

Solution: We aim to change cultural attitudes about women in leadership and embolden and inspire women and girls to pursue leadership positions. Towards that aim, we will train both men and women about women's rights and leadership skills; conduct dialogue with parents about the importance of girls education; bring women and girls to community counsel meetings; create theatre performances to educate the community about women in leadership

12-Month Goals:

  • 90 men from 3 villages will change their negative attitudes about women
  • 80 teenage girls from 4 different schools will be inspired to complete their education and think of themselves as future leaders
  • 32 women will be trained to support and advocate on behalf of other women pursuing leadership roles
  • Increase the number of women in leadership from 25% to 70%
  • increase the percentage of men who are supportive of their wives from 20-50%

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