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Cing Ma Yabu

Reducing the high rate of separation between couples by addressing poverty, alcoholism and gender equality.

Issue: We are working on the issue of divorce and separation of couples, which is a key component to other social problems, including poverty, HIV/AIDS transmission, and children not completing school.

Mission: To reduce the rates of separation and divorce in our community through mediation and counseling

Solution: Initially working with 120 people from 4 different villages who have been identified as at-risk for separation, we conduct direct interventions in their homes, provide counseling, and training in financial management. We have targeted a number of issues that often contribute to failing relationships including alcoholism, ignorance of women's rights, and lack of family planning knowledge.

12-Month Goals:
  • 60 couples experiencing conflict or separation will resolve their issues and remain together; 300 children will be impacted
  • Reduce alcoholism by 25%
  • Will establish a savings and loan group so members and the community can both save money and borrow when needed

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