Those most deeply impacted by an issue often have the greatest insight with which to address it.

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Academy for Conscious Change

Our work centers around our core Academy for Conscious Change. Our program supports teams of women who wish to launch their own social change venture (a micro-NGO) and integrates a holistic balance of personal and social transformation. The Academy has four phases and lasts an average of 18 months:

  • Intensive, interactive 40-hour training program, incorporating
    (a) social entrepreneurship and non-profit management skills
    (b) conscious leadership and personal growth practices
    (c) mind-body trauma healing

  • three-to-six months of hands-on non-profit venture development support

  • seed grants and support during implementation

  • 12-months non-profit apprenticeship with ongoing, high-engagement advisory support

On average, a venture serves 500-1,500 women and girls with multiple ripples of impact and long-term transformation. Many teams begin to expand their projects within 12-15 months to address additional issues in the community.


Our Women's Water Leadership Initiative adapts our Academy for Conscious Change curriculum to train teams of 8-45 women to bring safe, clean water access right into their communities. Local water access immediately solves many social issues that women in developing countries face, such as sexual violence and exploitation related to water collection and delivery, girls' out-of-school time, water-borne illnesses, especially in children, women's economic empowerment, and domestic violence. Water ventures can serve up to 3,000 people and provide a built-in source of revenue for the team with which to fund their social change programs and a source of income for its members.

The cost to provide an entire team with all of the training, leadership skills, trauma healing, seed funding, and high-engagement support they need to launch a water venture, permanently and sustainably, along with important social change programs benefitting up to 3,000 people is approximately $21,000, equating to just $7 per person. We believe we offer the most efficient water program in existence.

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