We embrace innovation and value the potency of local initiation and ownership in and of itself.

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Phase 2: Venture Development Process (3-6 Months)

After completing the classroom portion of the Conscious Change Academy, teams are eligible for hands-on venture development support. Once they meet our investment criteria for social impact and sustainability, they are also eligible for a seed grant for their start-up costs and a further 12 months of high-engagement support.

During the venture development phase, our local staff works with each team for three to six months to facilitate the design and planning process. This ensures that the venture:

  • is designed to be self-sufficient and financially sustainable long-term

  • has measurable goals and objectives

  • will address a root cause of the underlying issue in order to create systemic, transformational change

  • has a feasible operating and financial structure

  • has the organizational structure necessary to carry out the proposed activities

  • meets all of our investment criteria

During this timeframe, we also evaluate each team's capacity to apply the skills they learned during training, identify where additional training may be necessary, determine their level of commitment to their social purpose, and assist with the development of their final social venture plan or grant proposal.

We at Global Grassroots believe strongly that our role is to serve only as a facilitator. We do not impose our values, our social issue priorities, or our solutions. Instead, we coach each team in their social issue diagnosis, the crafting of their theory of change, and their organizational development to support their process of informed decision-making. Where helpful, we also share with our teams best practices and portfolios of social innovations that may be adopted or adapted for their use.

Ultimately, we embrace innovation and learning through experimentation and risk-taking. We value how potent local initiation and ownership can be, even if implementation may not be perfect. We honor the fact that, for our women, just to be willing to advance social change and women's rights in their communities is often a courageous and radical act.

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