When you educate the woman, you educate the community.

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Wishing You to Stay Alive

Using Theater and Film for HIV/AIDS Prevention

In the Gatenga Sector of Kigali, poor understanding of HIV/AIDS transmission and methods of protection often leads to the spread of HIV and stigma against those already infected. People refuse to get tested due to fear or negligence, and wait until they are really sick before they get tested. Women suffering from trauma do not accept their status and continue to act like they are not infected and do not take measures to protect others. Many orphans and single mothers go into prostitution to survive or have transactional sex with men who buy things for them. Women also do not realize they can be infected by their husbands if they are not monogamous, and then they do not know how to prevent transmission to their infants.

To fight misinformation and the spread of HIV/AIDS within their community, Donatienne Mukaminegra and her 14 other team members are producing plays and movies to teach women and men about how to protect themselves from HIV, fight stigma and inform people already infected on how to make good decisions. The long-term goals of the Wishing You to Stay Alive Project are:

  • To decrease or end the transmission of HIV/AIDS within the community
  • To fight stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS
  • To increase in the number of people who get tested for HIV
  • To encourage people who are HIV positive to get help and to make more responsible decisions
  • To increase hope among women who are HIV positive
  • To fight violence against women and children living with HIV/AIDS
  • To promote openness and increase the level of discussion about HIV/AIDS within the community

Each month, the Wishing You to Stay Alive team aims to target 200 men, women and children within three sectors of Kigali, performing three different plays.

Project Details

Wishing You to Stay Alive

Grant Amount: $2850
Team Size: 15 Members
Social Impact: 300 People

Team Work

Wishing You to Stay Alive

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Wishing You to Stay Alive
by the Wishing You to Stay Alive team

This film is about HIV/AIDS education.

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This film is about HIV/AIDS education.

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