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HRD (Handicap Rwandais Reabilite Reintegre dans ses Droits)

Preventing discrimination against mothers of disabled children and improving specialized child care

HRD works in the Nyamabuye sector of Rwanda, where their team of eight women has witnessed mothers of disabled children face extreme stigmatization and violence. Women are blamed or perceived as sinful for giving birth to a child with a disability. Some are abandoned by their husbands and abused by family and neighbors.

HRD will visit the families of disabled children in Nyamabuye to educate them on how to care for the child as a cooperative team. They plan to help some families or single mothers to start small business projects, such as bag sewing or raising pigs. The team will also train local authorities on the issues facing the mothers of disabled children, so that the authorities can help prevent the abuse faced by the mothers and provide advocacy and support for victims of violence.

HRD will reduce the tremendous stigmatization and the physical and emotional abuse faced by mothers of disabled children in their community.

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