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Girls' Ventures

Members: 18
Issue: Street Children

Mission: To reduce the number of street children, ages 8-14, by educating them in performances using songs, plays and poems. This team will mobilize these children to leave their street life, and bring them back to school and to their families.

Success Story: This team has reintegrated seven children back into their original families and helped three children find families to adopt them.

Members: 5
Issue: Hunger

Mission: To reduce hunger by increasing farm yields using fertilizers, anti-erosion techniques and smart water usage.

Success Story: Invincible has approached local leaders who have agreed to partner with them, bought four pigs to give to families and will be training the families on using fertilizer from the pigs to benefit the crops.

Members: 17
Issue: Overpopulation

Mission: To fight overpopulation by providing 400 people with trainings on family planning, performing educational plays, songs and poems that show the public the bad effects of overpopulation and mobilizing people to use family planning.

Success Story: New Life has created strategic partnerships with nurses from the local health center who helped them provide comprehensive family planning training to local women.

Members: 9
Issue: Violence Against Women and Girls

Mission: To reduce poverty among women and girls by fighting their lack of self-confidence and teaching them marketable skills.

Success Story: Hard Workers organized basket weaving classes that take place under a tree. Women gather in the shade to weave, while hearing the girls talk about self-confidence and valuing the skills that they know.

Members: 9
Issue: Child Abuse

Mission: To reduce domestic violence faced by children, ages 7-20, by conducting trainings among 300 parents to reduce the ignorance of child rights. They also aim to help children return to school and acquire health insurance.

Success Story: Step Forward facilitated conversations between parents and children at a local municipal office. They discussed children's rights, how parents can help children achieve a bright future and worked to develop a "culture of conversation" between parents and children. They also gave school materials such as notebooks, pens, school bags and soap to 10 of the most vulnerable children.

Members: 12
Issue: Lack of day care centers that result in children under age 7 playing on the streets and getting into accidents.

Mission: To solve the problem of lack of day care centers by training parents and local leaders about the importance of these centers, and to build and register pre-school aged children in those centers.

Success Story: Withstand has approached local leaders who agreed to raise this issue at community meetings and help mobilize the population to build nursery schools. They also led two public discussions about the importance of day care to more than 100 people.

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