"For breath is the conduit to God, and song the sound of breath in love."

— Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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Integrative Breathwork

What is it?
Integrative Breathing is a potent, safe and natural healing process which utilizes conscious breathing patterns to induce healing--physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we expand the quality and quantity of breath in our body, healing energy is intensified. This promotes an increased state of aliveness and a connection to what is most essential to us, both on a personal and transpersonal level. This energy can also facilitate awareness and release physical, emotional and mental blocks. Each breath becomes an opportunity, not only for self-nourishment, but for the release of unconscious barriers to experiencing life harmoniously. Each person's process of self-discovery is unique. One can use this transformational process for a variety of reasons such as wanting to change long-standing patterns of self-limitation; increasing self-esteem; reducing anxiety and tension in the body; healing trauma from infancy to the present; promoting optimal wellness through enhanced breathing, thus supporting the immune system and all cells in the body; connecting more deeply with one's spiritual experience of life; opening the heart more fully towards oneself and others, thus nurturing our capacity to love. In this context one can integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience and all aspects of self, thus moving into profound acceptance of oneself, others and life.

Why is it supportive of Conscious Change Agents?
Integrative Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools by which individuals may access the essential Self and move into greater states of aliveness. Beyond finding peace, stillness and clarity through contemplative practice, Integrative Breathwork allows the natural healing wisdom of the body to bring up whatever is unhealed in us for our attention. It allows us to go deep within and address the fears and shadows that may distort our ability to respond without agenda in serving others. It helps us find emotional, physical and mental alignment so that we can avoid burn-out or disillusionment in our social justice work.

How can I experience it?
You can experience Integrative Breathwork through an individual session with a practitioner certified by the International Breathwork Training Alliance and trained by Jessica Dibb of the Inspiration Community. You may also attend a workshop offered by Gretchen Wallace's Circles for Conscious Society.

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